Effective Date: 02/22/2024

As you are aware digital security threats are constantly increasing.  As a result, so too must our security posture. Providing eMEDIX services to your business is something we take pride in but does not come without challenges. To add an additional layer of security to help protect your data, we are implementing a multifactor authentication (“MFA”) requirement at login to our eMEDIX Online Website in the near future (02/22/2024). 

We are working to make the MFA upgrade as seamless as possible and will provide more information in the coming weeks. You will receive another communication one week out from rollout which will include a more definitive timeline on when you should expect to see this change to your eMEDIX login. If you are unable to deploy a mobile phone application and require an alternative solution, please contact your sales team to discuss this further.

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eMEDIX is designed with superior functionality that simplifies your revenue cycle, saving you time as your capacity to generate more revenue is enhanced.

With over 30 years of experience in claims management, eMEDIX is an industry recognized solution that is credited with yielding superior turnaround time for claims processing, remits and real-time transactions.

Simplify your revenue cycle with in-built tools that enhance your productivity and increase efficiency. With comprehensive automation, eMEDIX saves you time and money.

As a web portal that is compatible with 3rd party practice management systems as well as CGM’s own practice management solutions, eMEDIXOnline, gives you added versatility.


Claims Management

Revenue Resolve

Real Time Eligibility


For over 30 years eMEDIX has been managing claims and remits.  Speed up payments with electronic billing. eMEDIX will help you eliminate lost claims. 

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To see the list of payers that are not currently impacted by the Change Healthcare cyber security incident, please click here.
An intuitive denial management solution from eMEDIX that offers a unique approach to prioritizing denied claims.
Determine patient coverage to reduce rejections and denials. 

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PRE-Confirm is an exciting new offering from eMEDIX.  The Patient Responsibility Estimator (PRE-Confirm) is your solution to set your patient's financial expectations upfront before services are rendered.